The TSA's Blogger Bob Should be Bounced

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First off, that any government employee is allowed — if not encouraged — to sign his work “Blogger Bob” is really just so very disturbing.

Second, that he should be able to seriously write a post titled, “There Are No Children on the No Fly or Selectee Lists” that starts off

“It’s inevitable that every several months or so, some cute kid gets their mug posted on a major news publication with a headline reading something like: “Does this look like a terrorist to you?” Anything involving kids or cats gets tons of mileage and everybody starts tweeting and retweeting that there’s an 8 year old on the no fly list”

and continues

“What happens is the child’s name is a match or similar match to an actual individual on the No Fly or Selectee Watch List”

is mind-boggling to me.

To refer to it as disingenuous would be to insult the countless politicians who spend their days seeming to try and make disingenuous into an art form.

No one thinks that as ridiculous as the government can be, that they’re purposely listing four-year-olds, seven-year-olds, or infants who couldn’t possibly be terrorists.

What people are pointing out and criticizing the TSA for — and I suspect Blogger Bob knows this and if he doesn’t he’s an idiot — is that there are children getting stopped repeatedly who can’t seem to get off the list as The New York Times just reported.

That the no-fly list has problems has been extensively reported, especially   in the wake of the Christmas bombing when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was able to get on a plane despite the fact that he should have been on the list.

And there’s no doubt that the decision of Republican senators to hold up the nomination of someone to run TSA has probably not helped the agency.

But for “Blogger Bob” and the “TSA Blog Team” to try and make it seem like this is some media myth and people just need to follow a few steps to clear up the problem is just insulting.

  1. Far more disturbing than any of that is the fact that our own government keeps a secret list of names. This list, partially made up of United States citizens, has no recourse, no appeals, and no way to know if you’re even on it until you find out you’ve lost your right to travel in the country you call home.

    Even more astonishing is certain people calling for the ‘no-fly list’ to be used as a guide in stripping other groups of citizens of their rights. Some people think it should be gun owners, other think it should be used to dictate who does or doesn’t get a drivers’ license, and it gets progressively sillier from there.

    When did the USA become a nation of blubbering vaginas?

  2. It bothers you that someone uses a handle on a blog? You complaint about the post topic is valid but your complaint about what handle someone uses on a blog to distinguish themselves from other posters is just plain stupid.

    Blogger Bob is a mouthpiece for the TSA, that is his job. He is only allowed to post what has been approved by his bosses. If you have been following the TSA blog you will see that once Kip Hawley left and Gale took over as acting head of the TSA, Blogger Bob’s comments and posts have been neutered.

    In short, attack the agency and it ineptness at security, not what name someone chooses to use.


  3. It doesn’t bother me that someone uses a handle on a blog. My point — and I guess I could have made it better — was that whether or not he stands before a microphone or writes on a blog, he is a government spokesman and should identify himself properly. Calling himself Blogger Bob is just a little too cutesy. He’s a government spokesman. If he wants to differentiate himself from other government spokesman, he can do so by using his name,

    Thank you for writing in.

    • If he had given himself the name, I might agree with you but the name was given to him by the frequent posters to that blog. It was given to him back when he was allowed to engage the posters in a more straight forward way.

      I want someone with a personality to handle the blog duties not just a regurgitation of press releases you have on other Government blogs.

      Blogger Bob’s real name is easy to find and is placed on his non-blog releases. To me his use of Blogger Bob instead of Bob Burns is a non-issue.

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