Harold Ford: Keeping Podiatrists Happy

In Politics on January 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm
WASHINGTON - JULY 13:  Former Rep. Harold Ford...

Image by Getty Images for Meet the Press via Daylife

I know there’s a lot of big stuff going on today.

The election in Massachusetts. News out of Haiti. Word that the FBI broke the law for two years getting phone records. And, most disturbing, new evidence that three prisoners at Guantanamo may have been murdered.

I’ll have more on those last two at another time but first let’s go a little off subject and talk about what a lousy candidate Harold Ford Jr is turning out to be.

I mean, at the rate he’s digging a hole for himself, he’s going to be running for the Senate in Beijing.

In eight short days, he has gone from coming across as elitist to advocating child abuse. If I’m Kirsten Gillibrand, whom Ford hopes to challenge, I’m dancing for joy. If I am a deceased friend or relative of Ford’s I’m spinning in my grave. If I’m not dead, I perhaps am wishing I was.

First, there was the interview with The New York Times where he was asked if he was a Jets or Giants fan and replied he is closer to the Tisches, the owners of the Giants, than he is Jets owner Woody Johnson. He also talked about when he “in in town” he likes to have breakfast at the Regency and his only real experience on Staten Island was landing there in a helicopter with the police commissioner.

Then, he gives an interview to The Daily News — an interview the News says was “granted under the condition that the questions be limited to his rationale for running, and not issues ” — in which he says “”I love New York, I love the smell of New York.”

Finally, yesterday. He’s at  Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network for the annual Martin Luther King Day Memorial and he says:

“We as a nation need to be disciplined. If there were ever a day in which an electric cord ought to be used on all of us to remind us of what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s on the King holiday.”

That’s right. If there was ever day where it was okay to beat your child with an electrical cord — it’s Martin Luther King Day.

Harold Ford may be a very smart man. I mean he did get elected to Congress a few times and a lot of smart people seem to like him. But pretty soon the only people who are going tow ant to vote for him are stand up comics and political cartoonists.

He’s like a jobs program for the podiatrists who are going to have to keep removing his foot from his mouth


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