Bank Robberies Still Big Business

In Crime on March 22, 2010 at 1:05 pm
Mug shot of John Dillinger

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Last year’s release of Public Enemies, which told the story of John Dillinger, showed that the people still have a thing for bank robbers.

Early Monday, the FBI released further evidence of that.

While their annual report on bank crime showed that bank thefts were down about ten percent from 2008 to 009, it also shows that there were 6,065 bank violations (robberies, burglaries, larcenies, etc) in which $45.9 million was stolen.

Of that, less than $8 million was recovered.

The report says most incidents occurred on Friday, followed by Monday, Tyesday, Wednesday and then Friday. I guess people were usually looking for some extra cash for the weekend.

Most of the incidents occurred between 9AM and 11AM, followed very closely by 11AM and 1PM and 3 PM to 6PM.

Violence rarely occurred during incidents (only 4 percent of the time) though there were 21 deaths during incidents — each victim being a perpetrator. Most of the time, the robber made an oral demand for money (3,368 times) and roughly the same amount of times (3,269 times) a note was passed.

A firearm was used 1,619 times though about half as many times (2,553 times) use of a weapon was threatened.

More bank robberies occurred in Texas — 484 — than in all of the New England states (309) combined.

Most perpetrators were black males (3,147) followed by white males (2,796); Only 44 were female hispanics.


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