Gitmo Detainee Ordered Released

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Mohamedou Slahi, a Mauritanian national who has been held at at Guantanamo for more than seven years, has been ordered released by a federal judge.

The order, by Federal Judge James Robertson, makes Slahi the 34th detainee to be ordered released since the Supreme Court decided prisoners at Guantanamo could challenge their detention. Robertson’s order is still classified though he indicated a version would eventually be released.

Slahi, though, is not a typical detainee.

Captured in November 2001, he was actually familiar to law enforcement in the United States for at least two years before that, even being suspected of involvement in the failed Millennium Bombing plot in Los Angeles.

And the 9/11 Commission Report described him as having helped recruit the 9/11 hijackers in Germany.

According to a report by the FBI’s Inspector General,  Slahi’s time at Gitmo was “another example in which FBI agents raised concerns through their chain of command about rumors of detainee mistreatment.”

The report found that the military had criticized the FBI’s handling of Slahi and sought permission to have him designated “special projects status” — allowing for enhanced interrogation techniques, a request that was granted in July 2003.

The plan included having him “hooded and flown around Guantanamo Bay for one or two hours in a helicopter to persuade him that he had been moved out of GITMO to a location where ‘the rules have changed.'”

The plan also called for “isolation, interrogations for up to 20 hours, sensort deprivation and sleep adjustment.”

On August 3 of that year, “military interrogators told Slahi to ‘use his imagination to think up the worst possible scenario he could end up in’ and that ‘beatings and phyical pain are not the worst thing in the world’ and that unless he began to cooperate,  he would ‘disappear down a dark hole.'”

At least, I guess, he wasn’t killed.

I’m not defending anything Slahi did but it is yet another example of what happens when the rule of law is abandoned. There are consequences.

  1. The fbi/cia/mossad assassins pose the most serious threat to Humanity.



  2. 7 years of mistreatment in a POW camp. Either he will end up an avowed enemy of the United States, or John McCain.

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