Froyo and Google TV and Apple(s) and Oranges

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On one hand, I think, for now, anyway, we need to stop talking about Kindle Killers, iPad Killers, and understand that not every device and advancement should be compared to every other device and advancement. I think the world is probably big enough for Apple People and Google people.

(Side note: It’s funny, isn’t it — how we no longer talk as much about Mac or PC?)

This week, Google made big news, unveiling Google TV and Froyo, its newest version of the Android operating system and the reaction was to report the news in the context of how does it compare to Apple products.

“Android Froyo Running Laps Around the iPad — Literally,” is the headline on the TechCrunch summing up of the event.

“Google is Leapfrogging Apple,” Gizmodo reports.

“(Google VP of Engineering” Vic Gundrota’s speech was filled with potshots at Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the most direct competitors for the 60 and counting Android-powered devices on the market today,” according to cnet.

There are certainly comparisons to be made, especially when discussing what seems to be Android’s upcoming ability allowing you to find and download music over the web — as TechCrunch points out — a seeming direct competitor to iTunes. And the fact that you’ll be able to stream music from your desktop to your device strikes me as a fairly cool idea.

And, of course, Android fans were very happy to hear that the system would be running Flash — something Apple chief Steve Jobs has made clear won’t be happening with Apply products any time soon (and given some recent reports, that may not be such a bad idea).

But there’s a couple of things to keep in mind, including — as I’ve mentioned — Android’s an operating system working on many platforms while iPads and iPhones are specific devices.

Now, while there are rumors that Google is working on developing a tablet, and Froyo — and certainly Google TV —could be seen as another step down that road, for now it’s little more than rumors.

So, I think for now we need to be more careful.

Compare the iPhone to the Droid — as Daniel Lyons did, coming out in favor of the Droid — but don’t go crazy comparing the sales of all phone with the Android OS to iPhone sales or Android phones to iPads.

For now, Androids are phones and iPads are about a new mobile computing experience.

I think we have to accept the fact that there are Google people and Apple people and, of course, there are still Microsoft people. We’re in the middle of a technology revolution and things are changing very quickly.

Instead of wondering whether each new device will kill its competition, judge it based on its features, whether it’s really an improvement over the previous version, what it might mean for the future of the device.

And even feel free to do head to head comparisons, asking whether an iPhone or a Droid might be better for readers based on what they are looking for.

But how about no more stories saying how this great new phone means the end of the competition. It’s just silly and it doesn’t do anyone any good.

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